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We provide full service Technical and Manufacturing Consulting to rubber and tire manufacturing organizations. No matter how small or large your needs, we can meet them. Some of our services include:
Quality and Management Systems
Quality and Management Systems - our engineers can help your company with your ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), ISO 26000 (Guidance on Social Responsibility) and OHSAS 18000 (Integrated Management Systems) needs. We can provide:
1. Advice and implementation support
2. In-company training courses:
  • Understanding and implementing the system
  • Internal auditors preparation
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Selection of management indicators
3. Internal audits
We can implement a Quality and Process Control System to ensure your company consistently produces quality products.
4. We can perform ISO, TS, QS and QAD evaluations and training.
5. We can implement SPC and offer Kaizan, Lean and Six- Sigma evaluation and training.
Perform Diagnostic Auditing

We can perform audits of your company to determine if your company is prepared for ISO Certification or any quality improvment.

New Plant Construction and/or Startup Services

We can provide any of the following services, depending on the scope and involvement that our clients require from us:

  • Construction and Lay-Out of the Manufacturing Facility
  • Equipping the Manufacturing Facility
  • Commissioning of Equipment
  • Establish Staffing Requirements
  • Training of Key Personnel
Plant Management

We can perform audit of your plant operations and identify weaknesses in your management organization. We can provide engineers to work side-by-side with your management team to improve overall performance of those departments that are not performing at optimal capacity. We are currently providing engineers to augment managers in all key departments of a major tire manufacturer in Indonesia. Our engineers have been able to improve overall productivity, reduce waste, and reduce costs for our client.

Product Development / Improvement

Whether you need to develop new products or improve existing products, we can provide engineers to address any of your needs. We have engineers that can assist with your OTR, PCR/LTR, TBR development needs.

  • Include quality systems implementation, training, auditing ( internal and external)
  • ISO, TS, QS and QAD training and evaluation
  • Management infrastructure evaluation, solution training and performance evaluation
  • Complete manufacturing evaluation and training
  • New tire development and development training …including mold design
  • SPC and all current training Kaizen, Lean and Six sigma evaluation and training
Production Software Development

We can provide unique solutions to production planning. Our Master Planning System uses data from your existing ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics or SAP) and produces a production plan that optimizes production based on several factors such as client orders, existing raw materials, equipment status and other key factors. This system reduces production costs by creating production schedules that make the most efficient use of all available resources.

Equipment Maintenance and Improvements

Our engineers can return your equipment to 100% full efficiency. We can provide mechanical, electrical and PLC services. Together with another strategic partner, we can also modify some of your equipment with upgrades to improve accuracy and efficiency of your equipment.

As you can see from the above list, we are able to provide your company with a vast array of services. Our depth of engineering expertise coupled with our proven record of providing services to some of the major tire manufacturers in the industry, shows that we are not only committed to excellence, but to making your company more efficient and profitable.