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“TMR has rich and diverse experience in the tire industry, and is very knowledgeable in diverse applications, and understands what customers require. TMR works very diligently, and has a very strong customer-oriented mindset. We are happy to work with TMR on various projects. TMR inputs really contribute value to us. We also believe that they will bring similar value and results to other customers in the industry."

Multistrada (MSA), Indonesia
V. Colondam

“TMR has a team of knowledgeable and experienced people in the entire spectrum of tire manufacturing: leadership, development, quality and engineering… we’ve worked with them for a number of years. One of the attractions of working with TMR is that they have a very similar mind-set in terms of bringing value to the organization."

American Pacific Industries (API)
J. Kreitzman

“TMR (ITER) worked with me during my employment at CEAT. TMR implemented many new plant management systems and provided new technical and process development specifications for the new green field project at CEAT, Halol. Many projects have taken off successfully and the plant is running very efficiently. I got chance to learn new approach in tyre development and it was a good experience in my career to work with TMR.”

CEAT Halol
V. Pillai